Social Complexity and Agility


Hi, I’m Joseph Pelrine. I’ve been doing so-called “agile” software development long before it got that name, and I was one of the people responsible for popularizing it in Europe. I’ve worked as a developer, coach, project manager, worked with eXtreme Programming guru Kent Beck, and was the first person certified in the Scrum method in Europe. Most of my work time is spent helping world-class companies increase their quality and productivity by applying Scrum and XP.

Having studied philosophy and psychology, though, I’ve always been interested in the “why” behind it, and I’ve found the answers I was searching for in the field of social complexity science. My biggest influence here has been Dave Snowden, inventor of the Cynefin method. I’m currently researching and writing a book on the application of social complexity techniques to agile software development, and this blog is where I’m publishing excerpts from my research and book.

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